The Transform Health Arkansas Initiative is a project of the Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition [Ar.T.E.C.] that aims to transform the relationships between the transgender community, healthcare providers, researchers, and community supporters in order to improve the health care experiences and outcomes for the local transgender and gender non-binary [G.N.B.] community.


Far too often, Trans/G.N.B. individuals have been the subject of research conducted about us but NOT WITH or FOR us. Our project changes that!  Working with the community, partners, providers, researchers, and supporters, we will define our own health research interests, priorities, and focus on the questions that matter most to us!


Tier III:

“We have submitted our proposal for Tier III funding which will begin August 1st and run for 12 months if we are funded. We hope to hear by early July and will post an update as soon as we know.

Tier II :

Between May 2016 and May 2017, the Transform Health Arkansas Initiative [THAI] will:

  • Continue to deepen our engagement with the Trans/GNB community around the research issues they identified in Tier I.
  • Have facilitated discussions within Trans/GNB communities in order to obtain more detailed feedback.
  • Update and provide the community with our findings derived from the initial survey instrument.
  • Build capacity through training and education.
  • Broaden our scope to include additional partnerships both locally and nationally.
  • Facilitate activities such as workshops, summits, presentations, and meetings.
  • Educate via personal storytelling by way of website and social media.

Tier I :

Between May 2015 and January 2016, ArTEC assembled & hosted monthly meetings with the Transform Health Arkansas Research Working Group [RWG]. It is comprised of individuals who identify as transgender or GNB, concerned health providers, researchers, and community supporters. The RWG guides the project, which accomplished the following:

  • Coordinated five regional transgender health research summits around Arkansas that surveyed & documented the health issues community members wanted to see studied.
  • Trained  leaders in the Trans/GNB community to facilitate summit events and discussions.
  • Conducted an online survey of research interests for community members with travel or scheduling limitations.
  • Established mechanisms for bidirectional communication about the project via email, monthly newsletters, social media, webinars, and use of videoconferencing.
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